Our Vision


For decades, Africa has received aid efforts that addressed the cause and effects of; poverty, children soldiers, water sanitation, and the rights of women - just to name a few. Solutions often evolved into educational programs in business, law or agriculture, infrastructure or the provisioning of food and water. We believe these are the basic necessities that will alleviate the continents long term issues and provide leverage to be self-sustaining.

As a collective and as individuals we are young Australians who are passionate about Africa. We also happen to be film makers, artists, actors and musicians. With the grace to create our own stories from our personal truths, we started to make a connection that storytelling is much more than an outwardly expression. We dug deep, and what we discovered is that beyond, food, shelter, water and love, we thrive when we are able to create from our life experiences.

The medium of film, helps us communicate our perspective. We are able to advocate, empower, exhort, or bring light to topics, causes, or a people group. This looks like, narrative short films, evoking visuals to music, documentaries and live events.

 So, we’ve been thinking – what if Zambians could do what we did? What if we created a new wave of cinema that would help Zambians tell us their own truths. And how would this look like in 10 years time? What topics, causes, people groups be brought into the light?

Our Mission:

To initiate a movement of Zambian film makers, actors, and storytellers, via educational platforms with secondary school leavers and young adults. To empower by mentorship, expertise and experiential teaching, by collaborating with existing industry leaders, government bodies and educational experts. Providing an end goal of cultivating a self-regulated filmic, participatory culture. To be an avenue of resources to promote cross cultural stories made by Zambians, about Zambia. To assist a positive disruption in how the developed World perceives about their nationhood via; subject matter, creative techniques, strategy and expression.